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Drip Irrigation

Kumar's diverse range of drip technologies provide efficient, flexible and cost-effective irrigation. These technologies provide optimum solutions for diverse climatic, topographical, soil and water supply conditions and serving a wide range of crop irrigation applications, with excellent performance and results.

Primary application : All field crops like Sugarcane, Cotton, Grapes, Carnations, Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Vegetables, Tea gardens, Green houses, Horticulture crops, etc.

Kumar Enterprises - Drip Irrigation

S.N Product Photo Item Description & Specifications
1 Kumar Enterprises - Plain Lateral Drip Irrigation Product Plain Lateral 12mm /16mm Class-1 & Class - II
2 Kumar Enterprises - Emitting Pipe Drip Irrigation Product Emitting Pipe16mm-2/4LPH-30cm - 150cm, Class-I
3 Emitting Pipe 16mm-2/4LPH-30cm - 150cm, Class-II
4 Kumar Enterprises - Dripper/Emitter Online Drip Irrigation Product Dripper/Emitter Online, 4 LPH, 8LPH
5 Kumar Enterprises - Disc Filter, Plastic/Metal Body Drip Irrigation Product Disc Filter, Plastic/Metal Body, 10m3/hr x 1.5"
6 Disc Filter, Plastic/Metal Body, 20m3/hr x 2"
7 Disc Filter, Plastic/Metal Body, 30m3/hr x 2"
8 Disc Filter, Plastic/Metal Body, 50m3/hr x 3"
S.N Product Photo Item Description & Specifications
9 Kumar Enterprises - Screen Filter, Plastic/Metal Body Drip Irrigation Product Screen Filter, Plastic/Metal Body 10m3/hr x 1.5"
10 Screen Filter, Plastic/Metal Body 20m3/hr x 2"
11 Screen Filter, Plastic/Metal Body 25m3/hr x 2"
12 Screen Filter, Plastic/Metal Body 30m3/hr x 2.5"
13 Screen Filter, Plastic/Metal Body 40m3/hr x 3"
14 Screen Filter, Plastic/Metal Body 50m3/hr x 2"
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