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Drip Irrigation

Kumar's fittings & accessories made by high impact heavy - duty materials which provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and radiation. All equipments are UV Stabilised and suitable for Agriculture and Horticulture fields.

Drip Irrigation

S.N Product Photo Item Description & Specifications
15 Drip Irrigation Hydro - Cyclone Filter, Metal/Plastic Body,

30m3/hr x 2", 40m3/hr x 2.5", 50m3/hr x 3"
16 Drip Irrigation Sand Filter Metal Body, 20m3/hr x 2",
30m3/hr x 2.5", 40m3/hr x 3"
17 Drip Irrigation Fertilizer tank, 30 liter, 60 liter, 90 liter
18 Drip Irrigation Head Assembly 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4"
19 Drip Irrigation Ray Jet 2700/3600
20 Drip Irrigation Micro Sprinkler
S.N Product Photo Item Description & Specifications
21 Drip Irrigation Filter Screens
22 Drip Irrigation Lateral Cock, 12mm & 16mm
23 Drip Irrigation Tee, 12x12mm, 16x16mm
24 Drip Irrigation Joiner/Nipple 12mm, 16mm
25 Drip Irrigation Fogger with LPD
26 Drip Irrigation Fogger Head Only
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